Monday, 25 February 2013

40acts - loving where I live

I've been diligently following the 40acts Lent challenge this past week - I've been diligently logging on to the website and reading the daily challenges - and that is about as far as it has got! The theme was "loving where you live". Some of the challenges were easy, such as reading the local newspaper, but others will take some thought and work. One of them was to "become a mentor", which isn't something you can do overnight, and will take a lot of thought and prayer. Another difficult one is "visit your local" which is about using your local shops and community venues. Unfortunately this is a little late for where I live, our local shop is a T*sco Express and our local coffee shop is a C*sta in a T*sco Extra!

Today's challenge is much easier for me; to buy Fairtrade. Much more my cup of tea, (literally)! One of the main reasons I shop in the supermarket I do is that is so much easier to buy Fairtrade. They manage to provide Fairtrade "value" bananas at 14p each; the equivalent (non-Fairtrade) banana at their nearest rival is also 14p. So why don't they switch to Fairtrade?! I can feel a rant coming on, so will desist for the sake of my blood pressure!

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