Friday, 8 February 2013

A timely parcel!

For various reasons I have been feeling a little down for the last few weeks - not helped by an old fashioned cold. DD has been very generous and shared hers with the entire household. I have the immune system of an ox but this one makes me wish I'd taken out shares in Kleenex! So I was very happy to receive my first parcel from The Great Tea Swap started by Lucy at Lucy 'In the sky'. Joan from Just Joan had put together a lovely package for me. It was a great surprise because I was honestly only expecting some tea.

Joan is very talented at crochet - just look at this doily!

The package really cheered me up. The sweets have been eaten, (children in the house), but the tea will be savoured. Especially the camomile and spiced apple, which I had forgotten I liked so much! So, thank you very much Joan!


  1. Hiya, thanks for so much for your nice comments , and your photos are loads better than mine , thanks also for leaving comment on my blog , I truly appreciate it ,,,, Joan

  2. What a great pick me up. Hope you are feeling better now.

    1. Thanks Shara! Things are a bit easier now.


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