Sunday, 24 February 2013

Feed the birds...

Tuppence a bag! It might have been cheap to feed the birds in Mary Poppins' Edwardian London, but it can work out quite expensive in today's England.

DH and I had a "How much?!" moment when looking at bird tables in the garden centre the other day, followed by "I could make that!". So yesterday DH got out his saw and put together a hanging bird table from some left over fibre-board and bamboo canes. He did have to pay for the chain so all together it came to £7.50.  It won't last forever, but it will do the job! The local robins found it very quickly.

Inspired by their father, DD and DS decided to make some bird feeders from oranges, lard, wool, seeds and mealworms. They used the instructions on the Blue Peter website here. They were very brave and got completely stuck in, mealworms and all.

Mealtimes are now turning into bird-watching sessions, and the children are learning to tell their sparrows from chaffinches.

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