Thursday, 31 January 2013

Homebaked January - the finish line!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my baking challenge this month. Producing all our baked goods has definitely been interesting, if time-consuming. I originally thought that baking enough bread would be the hardest part; actually it has been keeping up with our biscuit consumption that has taken the most time! It has been quite an eye-opener finding out how many we get through. 

I was hoping to try out lots of new recipes, but it didn't actually work out that way. I made standbys such as tea bread that I knew I could bake quickly and would get eaten. I rediscovered a few old recipes such as Mars bar cake that I hadn't made for years. What I didn't do was experiment with new recipes as I didn't want to spend any extra time in the kitchen. However, yesterday I made these chocolate brownies from this recipe here in a luscious blog called "Posie Gets Cozy". Reading it is like perusing a beautiful glossy magazine and there is some stunning photography.

These brownies were easy to make and tasted amazing. The recipe called for unsweetened chocolate which I believe is plain chocolate. I substituted half plain  value brand chocolate and half milk chocolate. They still tasted great!

So as we march on into February there will be a little less baking going on in our household! DH likes having shop-bought bread around because it is easy to toast a few slices without risking fingers. (I did have a few plasters which made crochet very difficult). So as a compromise there will be home-baked bread at the weekend and home-baked rolls for the children's lunch boxes. There will hopefully always be something sweet and homemade in a tin, but there will be shop bought back ups in the cupboard just in case. Hopefully there will be a little less biscuit eating going on!


  1. Your brownies look great! I'm amazed at how much bread we eat, too.

    What I do miss store bought bread for mostly is grilled cheese or hot ham and cheese sandwiches. It just seems to work better.

  2. Thanks Shara! I will definitely be making them again.

  3. hello lesley,
    mmmh your brownies makes my mouth watering. they looks really good.
    have a nice day,

    1. Thank you Regina! They didn't last very long...


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