Monday, 28 January 2013

The Art of Noticing

  "The winter is past...Flowers appear on the earth." Song of Songs 2:11  

Last week I managed to sprain my ankle. I was very sensible in all the snow and ice and then slipped down the stairs! It has made me slow down a bit from my usual frenetic race through life. This more sedate pace has enabled me to notice things more; I noticed that the snow had melted to reveal the first signs of Spring. I notice that we have a pair of robins in the garden. I have more time for the children. It has made me reconsider my usual lifestyle. I want to notice things more; both the beauty of nature and the needs of those around me.

PS Those of you who know your Bible well will realise I missed out a bit of the above verse - "the rains are over and gone". Not in Britain!

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  1. How beautiful! Our weather cannot make up its mind. Snowy last weekend and 71 F today with threat of wind storms and rain tonight.


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