Monday, 14 January 2013

Crochet bag finally finished

Last year I decided to learn to crochet, after a few failed attempts in the past. So what did I do for my first project? Something nice and small? Maybe some squares for a blanket? No, I decided that my living room would not be complete without a bag to store my various crafty projects in. So I found a pattern by the talented Lucy at Attic 24 and set off. And got distracted. And got going again. And got distracted....and picked it up again in a rush of determination. Last weekend I sewed on the handles and it was finished! 
It is a large bag and comfortably carries at least three projects of different sizes. I used far more yarn than I expected. Rather naively I bought three balls to start with and had to keep going back to top up! There is a bit of a line halfway up the bag where I changed lots, which proves that you should always buy your yarn in one batch. I actually quite like it that way but I can see it would be annoying in a scarf or jumper. 

DD modelling for me!
Lucy has flowers on her bag; I don't have enough yarn left for that but I do rather like the shell-edging.

Although it was time-consuming, it was a simple pattern. I can honestly say that I can now manage double crochet and treble crochet successfully! My living room corner also looks a lot tidier and DH, who has an aversion to extraneous carrier bags, is a happier man.


  1. Love it! Great first project!

  2. Thank you! I feel a bit more confident now with crochet and have a few ideas in mind for future projects.


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