Saturday, 22 September 2012

Where did all the apples go?

We have a venerable apple tree in our garden. It is a remnant of an orchard that was here before the houses were built sixty years ago. I love it; it is a central feature of our small garden. It provides shade throughout the year, and a bountiful supply of apples in the autumn. We usually pick enough for us, my neighbours and anyone unfortunate enough to come to the door during apple season. I spend October peeling them and freeze enough for a weekly crumble right through to the next summer. But this year we had a very meagre harvest:

I can only put it down to a freak hail storm that we had just after blossom time. Although I won't miss the peeling I will miss the apple crumble and apple cake! Perhaps it's just as well...

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  1. My uncle has found the same thing with the plums this year - there were nowhere near as many as he would normally have had. We rely on him for plums, apples and pears for the freezer to make crumbles, stewed fruit and puddings as well, so we will be having less of those this winter, just like you!


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