Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Excited by a water bill!

Back at the beginning of the year Southern Water dug up our road and installed water meters to everyone who hadn't already signed up to one. I was not happy, and not just because I couldn't get on my drive! As a family of four, where the washing machine should probably be subject to the EU working time directive, I considered that we would be considerably worse off. So I was very surprised when the bill arrived today, and it is LESS than it was before! 

Apparently we use as much water as a household of two with no garden. Now, I have not been deliberately frugal with the water. I am no Frugal Queen! We have a water butt in the garden, and when that runs out I use spare water from the kitchen. (The water which runs from the tap while the boiler gets into gear.) We don't have a dishwasher, but I do plenty of washing up. DH showers every day and DD is a proto-teenager. (Need I say more?) So, without being smug, and without expecting an answer, I must ask - what on earth does an "average" family of four use all that water on?!


  1. You are doing well. Here, baths happen nearly every day, but they are usually used by more than one of us - I will happily jump in after one of the girls, for example! We wash up most of the time, and rarely use the dishwasher - but my washing machine is on at least once most days. I also have the chickens to supply with fresh water!

    Whatever you are doing, keep at it!

  2. Great job on the drop in water bill. We have no dishwasher and I feel like I am always washing up. :-) We switched to a more energy efficient washer when we moved and that has helped us some, but we still seem to go through a lot of water and I'm not sure how.

  3. @ Morgan - I'm fairly sure the water company doesn't take chickens into account!

    @ Shara - I know how you feel when it comes to washing up. I wouldn't like to add up the hours I spend in front of a sink!


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