Sunday, 2 September 2012

A September Challenge

In an ongoing quest to shift a few pounds DH and I have set ourselves a challenge. During September we are going to Be Good. No more sneaky biscuits, evening chocolate bars (who me?) or calorie-laden cakes. We have weighed ourselves, (no numbers here, far too embarrassing), and we will see how we have done by the end of the month, which is also my 40th birthday.

So I kicked us off with the Hairy Bikers/Dieters' version of sweet and sour chicken. I have to confess I usually buy the value brand of bright red, slightly glutinous sauce and chuck it over some stir-fried chicken and/or random vegetables. The result is perfectly OK but very sweet.

The Hairy Bikers' recipe has a long list of ingredients but most of these are store cupboard ingredients, so in the end I only had to buy peppers, water chestnuts, chicken and tinned pineapple. As when I attempted the cassoulet, the chicken was the most expensive ingredient as I buy at least Freedom Food welfare standard chicken. It worked out at about £1.75 a portion which is quite expensive, although not vast amounts more than the economy jar as that still needed chicken!

We enjoyed the meal very much and we all cleared our bowls. The portions were generous so we didn't need pudding, which was just as well!

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