Sunday, 23 September 2012


We like sprats in our family. I think that makes us a bit unusual, because they are difficult to find around here. DH was very happy to find some in the local supermarket yesterday. We don't have a local fishmongers, and are a significant distance from the coast, so these little fishy morsels aren't available very often. He bought the lot! Sprats are similar to whitebait, in fact young sprats are sometimes sold as whitebait.
They are a little fiddly to prepare, but worth the effort. The heads are cut off, and the innards removed. This is DH's job! They don't need filleting but he did de-tail them, but this isn't really necessary. They are simply coated in seasoned flour and fried until brown and crispy.

Sprats are fairly cheap compared to most fresh fish; this little lot cost just over two pounds. They are lovely with bread and lots of vinegar.



  1. I havent eaten sprats for YEARS! When we were engaged, my beloved came over one Saturday morning and said "I brought you a present" and gave me a bundle of newspaper - it contained sprats, which he then cooked for lunch.
    Having read your post, I think it is time to revive the custom, and I shall present HIM with sprats soon.

    1. My husband wasn't brave enough to spring sprats on me until after we were married. Perhaps he thought the removing of innards would put me off!


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