Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An interesting find...

My parents-in-law have frugal living down to a fine art - like most of their generation they have re-used, upcycled, mended and made do for all their lives. As well as sending us home from our recent visit with masses of garden produce, Dad also loaded DH up with screws, fittings and fixtures for some shelving. Although I suppose nails etc are interesting to some, I found the tin they were stored in much more intriguing.

It is a beautiful little tin with nursery rhyme scenes on the sides and lid. According to the base it was made by A.S. Wilkin Ltd and stored "Cremona and Red Boy Toffees".

It has little holes in the side where you could make a yarn handle!

No one on the internet seems to know quite when it was produced, but the consensus of opinion seems to place it during the 1960s. They seem to be quite rare and sell for about £25. I won't be selling this one, but I think I will have to find a better use for it than storing nails!

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