Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gluten-free people

I look after a Sunday School group for ages 5 to 7. Not that it's called Sunday School any more! This week the teaching material suggested icing gingerbread men to help us talk about our friends. The children were then to eat them, which is slightly disturbing! One of the little girls is gluten intolerant so I trotted off to the supermarket to examine the gluten-free aisle. I couldn't find gingerbread men, which I suppose is quite a lot to ask, so I bought some gluten-free plain flour and had a play. 

These are the results! I only had a teddy bear cutter, so the heads were done freehand, with some wonky results. I used a normal biscuit recipe and simply used the gluten-free flour instead of the plain flour. The biscuits tasted fine, they were a little bit more grainy than normal and slightly more crumbly. The children all used writing icing to decorate them and were a lot more creative than me!

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