Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new knitting project...

I had barely finished kitchener stitching my latest owl puff together when I started casting on for my new project.

No, it's not an Italian football scarf!
The stockings that my children use at Christmas were knitted in Albania for DH twenty years ago. I love them; they are quirky and full of character, but they lack one important commodity from my kids' point of view: size! We actually don't spend a lot on stocking presents; they are mostly small trinkets I collect over the year. However, I decided to continue to practise my "knitting in the round" skills by producing stockings. They are another Ravelry pattern and were originally in a Hobbycraft magazine. Hopefully they will eventually resemble these:

Photograph from Hobbycraft magazine
I tried very hard to persuade the children that they wanted the snowflake pattern, but they were having none of it. So stripes it will be! I just hope they are ready for the man in red this year, rather than next!

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