Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bread pudding

What do you do when you find large loaves of bread reduced to 35p in the supermarket? Fill your freezer and make bread pudding of course!

I used a Delia Smith recipe, but there is a very similar recipe on the BBC Good Food website. I used value mixed fruit, which has candied peel mixed in, so I didn't add any extra peel.

It's not the most elegant of desserts, but it tastes wonderful. We had it with custard for pudding. It should probably come with a health warning given the amount of calories, but I only had a small slice. Honest.


  1. bread pudding is great! I cannot bear the thought of wasting bread.
    When I make it, I cut it into smallish portions, then freeze half of it- otherwise we just eat our way through the lot with indecent haste.
    Custard is best, but Greek yogurt comes a close second!
    blessings xx

    1. I was wondering if it would freeze! It is so easy to make I could knock up a large batch quite quickly.

  2. Hello Lesley,
    the bread pudding looks good.Thanks for the link!
    wish you a nice week,

  3. Thank you! It's my favourite sort of recipe - throw it all in and mix it up!


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