Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lentil burgers

I've been keeping up with my aim of cooking one vegetarian meal a week; in fact this week I extended to two! For the last two weeks I have made lentil burgers from a recipe by Frugal in Derbyshire, kindly pointed out to me by Shara at Mama's Mission II. The beauty of these is that you can add your own flavours, so last week we had spicy cumin and coriander and this week we had paprika and parsley (alliteration unintentional!). 

It is quite a simple recipe. Last week I thought that the mixture was very wet, and ended up squeezing the patties to get rid of the excess. It wasn't until long after they had been eaten that I realised that I hadn't added the oats! Doh! This week's batch were much more successful. I served them with (shop-bought) rolls and home made potato wedges.

The other vegetarian meal this week was a Greek salad with halloumi cheese from this Sophie Grigson book which I borrowed from the library:

Image from
There are some lovely recipes in here. Some of them are printed on the "My Kitchen Table" website, although unfortunately not the whole book! I suspect the library may want it back at some point so I may have to find my own copy. The Greek salad tasted great. It used quails' eggs, which are not cheap and incredibly fiddly. I bought them this time as I wasn't shelling out for any meat, but next time I will just use hens' eggs. DD, my vegetable-avoider, had sensibly gone out to a friend's for tea when I made this, but I will definitely be doing it again so it will be interesting to see her reaction.


  1. They look great!

    I haven't seen that cookbook before. I'll keep an eye out for a copy.

    I can't imagine using quail eggs. Don't even think I would be able to find them here.

  2. To my uneducated palette quail eggs taste the same as chook eggs, so I won't be buying them again! We can buy them in the supermarket, and I know some people who keep them. If you can't find the book in the library the website is pretty good.


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