Sunday, 14 April 2013

A trip to the seaside

Today was the first day of the year in our patch where it has actually felt warm and spring-like. We took full advantage of the unaccustomed sunshine and headed straight off after church to one of our favourite places, Goring-by-Sea on the south coast. DH and I were both born by the sea and need frequent trips to top up the brine in our veins! 

It was a different sort of day to our last visit in September. Then the tide was out and you could paddle for miles. This time the tide was right in, and the waves were very impressive. The children whooped with delight as they raced in and out of the waves. Sometimes the waves won the race.


Goring residents are very particular about their beach huts. They stand in a rank; uniform and white.

We walked past all of them on our way to Worthing, the next town along. Worthing promenade has quite an Edwardian feel to it. They do a nice style of lamp post!

We don't know Worthing at all, and have promised ourselves a visit. By the time we had walked back again we felt that we had earned our first ice-cream of the season.

DS enjoyed his. Unfortunately I dropped mine! Still, my waistline won't suffer! It was a lovely day just to sit on the beach and watch the sea. DH won the "Who can build the tallest tower competition?".

It was a great afternoon, and a lovely end to the Easter holidays.



  1. You failed to mention the fact that DH shared his icecream after you dropped yours ;-)

    1. Your gallantry is only outshone by your modesty! x

  2. I miss you guys (this is Kelly from CCC). It's nice reading your blog, Lesley x


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