Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I succumbed to temptation...

I love craft magazines. As a teenager I would read "Prima" from cover to cover, while other girls my age were giggling away at "Just 17" or eyeing up the stars in "Smash Hits". As an adult I usually avoid that aisle in the supermarket, telling myself that I can get all the inspiration I need online, and there is no need to pay out for a glossy magazine, no matter how beautiful it looks, or how useful the free gifts.

However, this weekend I overrode my conscience. I bought "Homemaker", a new-ish magazine which seems a little lighter on advertising than most magazines, and a little heavier on interesting articles and useful projects.

When I do buy a magazine, I like to make sure that I get my money's worth out of it. So as soon as I got it home I started on a birthday card for a good friend.

I belong to the "less is more" school of card-making; I don't tend to go in for too many ribbons or embellishments. The templates for these sweet little birds came free with the magazine and were supposed to be used to make a mobile. They are available to download here.

While I was in a creative mood, I decided to start an applique project. This is my first attempt at applique, but I found a useful tutorial here. No prizes for guessing what this is going to be!

The pin cushion is the one I have had since starting needlework at school back in the days when it was called "needlework" and not "textiles". I think I might possibly need to start yet another project to replace it!


  1. That card looks lovely, really elegant. WS x

  2. I don't blame you at all - I had a sneaky peek at that magazine in the supermarket and it does have lots of lovely ideas, and I was very nearly tempted until I told myself that I never actually make anything from these books and magazines, just look at the pictures. Your saving grace is that you actually make the items, and they look absolutely lovely, too - well done!


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