Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hosiery Owl

One day towards the end of last week DD was in a very mysterious mood when she got home from school. Did I have any odd socks? As there is either a sock-gobbling monster lurking in the washing machine, or there is a worm-hole in the space-time continuum starting in the laundry basket, I have a drawer dedicated to odd socks. (Maybe not just the socks are odd!) Where do I keep the toy stuffing? Could I let her have some wool? What about felt? Could I please not ask any questions?! Very strange, but as I suspected would happen, all was revealed on Mother's Day:

A mummy owl to add to my collection! I was very impressed with this as it was her own design, executed with no help whatsoever from anyone else. I am constantly amazed at my daughter's creativity! I can follow a pattern, but she dreams up her own ideas.


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