Monday, 18 March 2013

A Real Easter Egg

I like chocolate, and I am also very fond of eggs, fluffy bunnies and baby chicks. However, as a Christian, I am not happy about the way the meaning of Easter is  being lost in favour of a general festival of "new life" and Spring. (And yes, I am aware that Christians hijacked a pagan festival!) So I was pleasantly surprised to find this in T*sco this morning:

It has the story of Easter on the back, is made of Fairtrade chocolate and includes a charity donation in the price. From my point of view it ticks a lot of boxes. I was very impressed to find it in a major supermarket. It is made by the Meaningful Chocolate Company who combine ethical trading with faith. T*sco has slightly fewer in stock now!

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  1. SO pleased to hear that Tesco is stocking this egg now - unfortunately I have no little ones left to buy eggs for any longer - the girls get plenty from other people so I usually buy them something else, and the mother of the other two children I used to buy for came and asked me not to this year as she is not doing eggs for anyone.....not that that is the point, but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable by not agreeing. I want to support this company making these eggs, and to let the shops know that there is a demand for them - but who to give them to?! Will have to think about that. Thanks for letting me know that they are in the shops now - I will have to have a look in my local ones and see which are supporting them.


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