Monday, 24 February 2014

Panicking slightly...

...Ofsted tomorrow!

If there is one word calculated to strike fear into the heart of anyone involved in education in the UK, it is "Ofsted".

As chair of governors of a large primary school I am having a chat with them tomorrow. I am taking at least nine others in with me, but I am not at all in the right frame of  mind. It may be a long evening!


  1. Warm hugs and lots of luck! When they came to us last year, they were very hot on Pupil premium and spent ages discussing that.

  2. I had ofsted inspections last year as a teacher and I just tried to be myself and I also tried to be gracious. Good Luck. Jo x

  3. Good luck lovely Lesley, we have recently been through an inspection and it saps every bit of energy out of you - we are now awaiting another inspection on my course from other agencies so double stress for all of us. However, it will pass thank goodness and we can pick up the normal threads of life once again. Sending you big 'good luck' hugs and loves Lesley.

  4. Thank you everyone! I am feeling a bit calmer and much more prepared this morning. After all. They can't actually eat me!

  5. I hope that your OFSTED inspection went okay...and that the hard work of everybody at the school was duly recognized.


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