Monday, 3 March 2014

Panic over!

Thank you for the encouragement during the recent Ofsted visitation! I can't tell you the results, as Ofsted would have my head on a plate, but I have been served up as grilled governor twice before, and this time was the least stressful.

If by any mischance of Googling, a hapless chair of governors ends up on this page whilst preparing for an inspection, this is my advice. Anyone else would be better off coming back in a few days!
  1. Don't worry! The inspectors know we are volunteers, and in the end they are there for the same reason as we are - to give the children the best education possible.
  2. Take as many governors in with you as you can manage. I took in ten other governors, and I really valued the support and encouragement of each one. It creates a good impression to the inspector, and other people can chip in when you go blank!
  3. Know your school. Really be on top of your attainment data, data on quality of teaching and pupil premium report. 
  4. Have evidence of your challenge and impact. I took in a folder of all our the evidence from our monitoring visits, surveys, etc. It really helped to be able to give the inspector a piece of paper to back up my answers. 
Right, now that's over for a while, I must get back to my curtains! (Progress is slow but constant.)


  1. You sound like you had that one totally covered - outstanding! Jo x

  2. So glad you survived the panic and it's cause, Lesley :) Somehow I missed your last three posts and just now caught up. The goldfinches, and Wakehurst Place photos are lovely! Some sort of robinish bird was enjoying hunting for worms or bugs under our cherry tree after my son-in-law did some gardening a few days ago, and your photo of the colorful goldfinches reminds me I want to research what species my robinish type bird is :) Wishing you a happy week!

    1. Goldfinches are just about the most colourful birds we get around here. We love looking at the birds in our garden and now have four different feeders!

  3. Hi Lesley I was thinking about you today in work and wondering how you were getting on - we have out inspector with us next week and my course is under the spotlight and he wants to see everything! It is really stressful but, at the end of it, what a relief. I am so glad that it went well for you Jo, I knew that it would. Have a good break away from this now and get some sewing therapy in. Sending you lots of loves and hugs Lesley.

    1. Good luck Dorothy! Horrible, isn't it? I'm sure you will be fine.


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