Friday, 7 February 2014

A little taste of Italy

A new deli specialising in Italian and Polish food has opened in town. I didn't manage to resist. I might have to avoid that road in future.

The little pastry boats are "Barchette Giandua" and are filled with chocolate and hazelnut paste; (think Nutella). The mini cartwheel biscuits are light. crunchy and unfortunately very more-ish. I fear for my waistline!


  1. I'm starving just looking at them!
    Oh, I went back and finally caught up on posts....I love the owl!

  2. Hi Lesley sorry for the absence but work as usual dominates my life as present. I love these as we had some for Christmas and they didn't last two minutes in our house, I can see them on my hips and waist as I look now! Have a fabulous Sunday Lesley, sending you lots of love and hugs


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