Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fresh air!

Today has been the first really good weather day in the UK since before Christmas. It has been more or less continual rain, wind or usually both for weeks, resulting in the worst flooding for years across much of the country. We have got away fairly lightly, with an inch of water in the garage and a lawn the consistency of chocolate mousse. I am not complaining; many people have put up with far, far worse.

This afternoon the sun was shining, so we bundled up and headed out to Wakehurst Place, our favourite place for a walk. We never seem to get tired of it, and if you know where to go you can avoid the hordes of similarly cabin-feverish folk.

Blue sky!  Space!
Wakehurst is home to the Millennium Seed Bank, which has inspired some large-scale sculpture:

 There was also some fairly exotic wildlife:

This is actually a musical instrument, children (and adults) can hit various parts of it with wooden pegs. We all enjoyed trying it out, although I'm not sure what the North American animals would make of Sussex!

There were definite signs of spring, with swathes of cyclamen and snowdrops.

It was so good to just get out and breathe.


  1. It was beautiful here in Shropshire too. we went for a walk to see the bulging River Severn just a mile away. We can do that safe in the knowledge that we live 1 mile up hill from the river!!! I love that wicker work. Jo x

  2. I enjoyed being outside in the garden for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon - the weather was glorious and it made me feel that the warm weather will be back again one day. No rain here again today although it has been slightly less glorious and a wee bit more overcast. The ground is beginning to dry up a little in places too, which the hens are pleased about!

  3. Hi Lesley, sorry I have been absent for a few days, it has been one busy week! My goodness your photographs are just stunning to look at and really make you feel as if spring is on the way. I always enjoy your blog Lesley as you are always full of lots of surprises to keep us all happy. Have a lovely weekend, sending you big hugs and loves


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