Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Veggie shepherdess pie

Last month I had a play with soya mince and produced an almost veggie cottage pie. I wasn't very pleased with the results but Shara suggested using lentils and then Bryallen very helpfully gave me this link for a recipe using lentils. Apparently this is called "shepherdess" pie as opposed to the traditional lamb mince based shepherd's pie or the bovine cottage pie. I'm not entirely sure what the link between shepherdesses and lentils is. I have been entertaining visions of flocks of lentil plants wandering around fields...

This recipe uses green lentils. For some strange reason these are called "lentilles vertes" in my supermarket. Well, I suppose it's not too far to France from here! I made a few substitutions, (dried mixed herbs instead of thyme, tomato ketchup instead of puree), but the results were very tasty.

I have now got quite a few vegetarian recipes to draw from. It has been great fun investigating different ways of cooking. Very surprisingly I have fallen in love with lentils. They are so versatile, cheap and healthy! They are fast becoming a staple part of our diet, and that can only be a good thing.


  1. That does look like a yummy recipe, Lesley. Thanks for sharing. I have gone through seasons of using lentils a lot and I like them! I need to work them back into the menu plan :-)
    Gracie xx

  2. That looks wonderful! I love lentils.

  3. Hi Lesley I have been vegetarian for over 40 years now and this recipe looks delicious, certainly going to try it out. Thank you


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