Friday, 24 May 2013

DH's birthday it is!

Today is DH's birthday. I don't know about anyone else, but I really struggle with making birthday cards for the men in my life. I'm sure there are some lovely papers out there that appeal to science-mad, football-hating engineers, but I have yet to find them. This year DH's card was a little different:

I am not experienced with origami. I struggle to make a paper aeroplane, so Yoda was a bit of a challenge! I entered a strange world of mountain, squash and rabbit-ear folds and emerged, triumphant if bemused, an hour later. I didn't use proper origami paper, (the cloak is the inside of a wrapping paper roll), but he does stand up, if a little drunkenly. The pattern for him is here

DH had some time owing so we took the day off while the children were at school. It felt like we were playing truant! We went to the cinema , courtesy of T*sco vouchers, to see the latest Star Trek prequel, "Into the Darkness". Can you guess whose choice that was? I did enjoy it; the effects were brilliant and the storyline clever. However, I found the amount of violence in it hard to take, and it really spoilt it for me. Maybe I am getting old!

Of course, no birthday is complete without cake. DH is a fan of Black Forest gateau so I had a go at a chocolate and cherry gateau style cake. Of course it was nothing like a real Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, it lacked alcohol for a start, but it went down well.


  1. I'm very impressed with Yoda and with the cake - looks delicious! Happy Birthday to DH!


  2. Awesome card! Beautiful cake, too. Happy Birthday to your DH.

  3. Lesley your cake looks delicious, I could eat the lot! Lovely post, thank you
    Lots of love

  4. Thank you ladies! The cake didn't last very long...

  5. Thanks for the birthday messages, Lesley made it a perfect day and the cake was most excellent!


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