Monday, 27 May 2013

A parcel from America

I love receiving parcels. Well, who doesn't? Last week I got especially excited because I was sent a parcel from America. I am part of the "Great Tea Swap" over at Lucy's blog "Lucy in the sky". I have enjoyed discovering new blogs as well as trying some new types of tea. Being typically British, I am a bit of a teapot! The very creative Gracie over at "One Saylor's Log" sent me a packet of loose Chiran black tea from Oregon.

It comes with very precise brewing instructions! I thought I knew my Darjeeling from my Earl Grey, but I hadn't heard of this variety. After a little research I have discovered that it is a premium brand from Japan, and it definitely makes a lovely cuppa. The parcel didn't just contain tea...

Gracie is a talented crocheter. (Apparently that is a word!) She has sent me a cosy for a tea glass. I love the colours of this, as it is very similar to my project bag I crocheted last year. (It took me a substantial chunk of last year - it was one of my first crochet makes!) The little brown bags are for making my own teabags to keep my pot clean. How clever is that? In actual fact, I belong to the school of thought that says that you should never use soap on the inside of a teapot. I only ever rinse mine. Does anyone else do this? The postcard has a photo of a very industrious lady knitting socks, which is apt for me as I am fond of my DPNs!

So thank you, Gracie, for my lovely parcel. I feel like I have made a friend over a cup of tea.


  1. Hi Lesley what a lovely gift, there is a real thrill getting parcels, I love it! I think it is the child in all of us. Tea making is a wonderful ritual and in times of stress, making tea is the one thing we all say, it is just part and parcel of our life. I am with you on the soap, never never! Well Lesley you enjoy your wonderful surprise and let's know what it's like. Have a wonderful week.
    Lots of love

  2. Ohh lovely! I also had a lovely tea parcel from Gracie ^_^ Very nice indeed. Enjoy your cuppa ^_^


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