Sunday, 4 August 2013

Warnham nature reserve

It feels very strange in our house at the moment as DH and DD are both away. Yesterday DS and I decided to check out Warnham nature reserve, which is on the outskirts of a nearby town. DS is currently loving wildlife photography and I need very little excuse to abandon my housework and disappear into the countryside for a while!

Warnham is run by the local council, and only charges a nominal entrance fee. We loved it. We sat in the meadow and watched the insects.

We were dazzled by the light on the water of a millpond.

DS took this one!
 We wandered through the woods and marvelled at the butterflies.

A comma butterfly
We were very glad we didn't meet any stag beetles!

A stag beetle hotel!
We lingered in the hide watching birds on the feeders. We loved the antics of the chaffinches.

The squirrels amused us with their acrobatics.

DS took this one too!
We got very excited when we saw a greater spotted woodpecker!

And this one!
We had a fabulous, peaceful afternoon. I felt very blessed!


  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely place with us, Lesley! I am not great at species identification, but it is exciting to me to spot interesting and beautiful creatures, although I am not keen on snakes, beetles, slugs, and mosquitos.....
    Gracie :)

  2. This is what life is really about Lesley, thank you for sharing it with us. I am so glad that you had such a good time.
    Lots of love

  3. Thank you ladies! Gracie, I am totally with you when it comes to creepy crawlies. Fortunately we only get one species of poisonous snake in the UK, and it is a very shy, retiring creature. DS was on the hunt for it yesterday though! Lesley x

  4. Have you been doing the BUtterfly count? it goes on until the end of August. There is even a free App for it
    Just love a wild meadow

    1. Hi Gill! Yes, DS and I did a count yesterday. I'm hoping to blog about it tomorrow! Lesley x


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