Friday, 9 August 2013

Crochet goes large!

I was wandering around Ravelry the other day when I came across this lovely fellow:

I have to say that I did fall for him in rather a big way. I could find so many uses for a basket like that. He is a very handsome chap. I was rather swept away and did something I hardly ever do; I paid for a pattern on Ravelry. Admittedly it was only a few pounds but it did feel strange! The talented designer is Deja Jetmir and she blogs at "Crochet Ever After". She also produces plenty of easy to follow tutorials to go with her patterns.

Once I'd downloaded the pattern I realised that is worked with FOUR strands of chunky wool and a size 10mm hook! The pattern itself is really easy and is made in a spiral, but the difficulty is in trying to hold everything all together!

I can't seem to get into a nice rhythm with it; I have to concentrate on each stitch. However, it is growing quickly so soon we will have another owl to add to our growing collection. I am thinking of adapting the pattern to produce his little brother, which could then hold a crocheted washcloth with some homemade soap to make Christmas presents. Probably for 2015!


  1. That looks beautiful - good luck with it, as I think your hands are going to ache making it xxx

  2. Oh I think this will be lovely when it's finished! Looking forward to seeing it then...
    M x

  3. Hi Lesley this is great but way beyond my capabilities, I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product, it would make a super gift, has so many uses. A great post Lesley, thank you
    Lots of love

  4. I love it too and go on your for challenging yourself to produce it. I thought you'd taken your purse into a shop and treated yourself to the owl, ready made!

    Sft x


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