Friday, 12 July 2013

Life continues with the veg box!

I think that I am settling into a rhythm with the veg box. Early on Monday morning I mull over the different options on the veg box website. How much will I have left over by the delivery on Friday? Do I want a bigger box? Perhaps some fruit? Can I cope with yet more spring greens? I am not at my brightest and best on Monday mornings, so it usually takes a little while for me to make a sensible decision!

Once I have decided on the box, I plan meals to use the different types of vegetables and write a supermarket shopping list. I am loving that the emphasis of my shopping has changed; now I plan my meals around which vegetables are in season, rather than buying vegetables to suit my meals. 

If anyone in the UK is considering a box scheme, googling "veg box" followed by your county should throw up a few options. A word of caution though, always check where the company is based. Some of the bigger players that deliver in your area will operate through franchisees. They may actually be based hundreds of miles away. Having tried a local scheme and a much bigger supplier, I would go for local every time.

This week my box included chard, so I decided to have a go at a "chard, tomato and ricotta bake" from the BBC Good Food website. It appears to be a bit of a foodie recipe, but DD took one look at it and said "It's omelette!". I was actually a lot happier with this than you might think, as omelette is my bete noire. I have never yet produced an edible one, although DH, who doesn't do a lot of cooking, produces one weekly.

I was relatively pleased with it. It was a bit fiddly but I would do it again. Although this time I would call it omelette!


  1. I love eggs, and I can make good scrambled eggs (my husband's favourite kind), but I have trouble making omlette, while my husband makes them very well. He is also in charge of making poached eggs (my favourite).

  2. Hi Lesley thanks for a fabulous post as always. As you know I am seriously considering the veg box and you have given such sound advice which I wouldn't have known. Do you think it is viable for a very small family - just 2 of us? Would welcome your thoughts, love the recipe you have given. Have a lovely weekend
    Lots of love

    1. Hi Dorothy! The scheme I use offers a mini box which they claim is suitable for two. Some schemes allow you to have a box every fortnight which could work for some veg although I suspect any salad wouldn't survive that long. The easiest thing to do would probably be to have a chat with the scheme owner. I expect they would let you have a trial box. I know mine did. Wannabe Sybil (on my blog roll) also has a veg box so it might be worth paying her blog a visit. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Lesley x

  3. Oh thanks Lesley this is fabulous - spoke with my husband about it today and he said it sounded fun - especially if we try out new recipes - can't guarantee that they will be as delicious as yours though Lesley.
    Have a great Sunday and thanks again, you are a star.
    Lots of love


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