Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Has anyone seen my marbles?

In the space of a few weeks I have:

  • Walked home from a meeting at school and realised two hours later that I'd left the car at school.
  • Stood in the middle of a supermarket car park looking around in a bewildered way for my car, which I had parked in a different area to usual.
  • In a different car park, got into my car, only to find I'd left my ticket in the pay machine.

So if anyone finds my marbles, could you return them? I obviously need them!


  1. Hi Lesley, you have too much to do - take a chill today and put your feet up. Don't worry it happens to us all but sometimes we don't admit to it! Have a great day, your post made me smile and gave me some comfort as I thought I was the only one who did things like this.
    Lots of love

  2. If you find yours will you see if there is another set near them with my name on? Actually I think it shows you are a busy person with a lot to think about. Things lost this week only are a charge lead for my kindle, my application for a driving licence, the case for my laptop and all sense of proportion. I'm enjoying popping in to your blog. WS xxx

  3. Thank you both for your reassurance! You are probably right. Because my life doesn't follow a set daily or weekly pattern, I do find that I am trying to hold a lot of things in my head. It's not surprising if a few of them slip out occasionally!


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