Saturday, 8 June 2013

The wildlife is friendly...

A few days ago a friend and I went for a walk. Not a gentle stroll in the park type of walk, but a proper "put on your walking boots and take your water bottle" type of walk. We are attempting to get fit, and have been marching around various parts of the local area with determined expressions on our faces. This week we stomped all the way around Wakehurst Place, stopped for coffee and cake, (OK, not necessarily helpful), and walked back round the other way. If anyone is interested, that came to five miles. That isn't a huge amount, but we are building up. I did feel compelled to stop occasionally and take some photos. (Not to catch my breath of course!)

I love daisies. Kathleen in "You've Got Mail" calls them "such a cheerful flower" and I think that is spot on. You can't help feeling happy when looking at a field full of daisies.


This little guy was hoping to share our cake.

While we were walking by the lake we met this family of goslings. We stood quietly to one side to let them pass, but the goslings seemed to think we might be food. Mother Goose was not amused, initially convinced we were intent on kidnapping her charges, but fortunately decided that we were harmless. Mind you, the sight of two almost middle-aged women running from an irate goose would probably have enlivened someone's day!

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  1. Hi Lesley aren't those goslings just adorable, it is so lovely to see the sunshine and the wild life out and about. A really upbeat post Lesley, thank you as always.
    Lots of love


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