Monday, 3 June 2013

Ripple cushion finish

A few months ago DD asked for a crochet cushion to go in her bedroom which was due a makeover. Bright pink is seriously uncool when you are thirteen. Apparently. She chose the colours to match her new duvet cover. (Note the ongoing owl theme!)
The pattern is from "Cute and Easy Crochet" by Nicki Trench.

I really recommend this book. It has lovely clear instructions with diagrams for the likes of me who need books with pictures! Nicki has a blog as well which has lots of yarny goodness. (Thanks Dorothy for the link!)

I have so enjoyed this project. The ripple part was relatively easy, but the finishing off took a bit of doing. It took me FOUR tries to get the two halves joined up. They still don't match perfectly, don't zoom in on the pictures!

DD really likes it, which is a bit of a relief. Her room was painted over the bank holiday weekend. Once we lifted the carpet it was obvious that it had reached the end of a long and useful life, so we have ordered a replacement. This is lilac. It was very cheap, but in no way will it match the bright pink curtains. Time for me to learn to make curtains!


  1. Lesley this is gorgeous, I would love to have a go at one but don't have the confidence yet! DD has great taste in her colours, wonder where she gets it from? What is next Lesley, blanket? Great post Lesley, thank you
    Lots of love

    1. Thank you Dorothy! It was mostly treble crochet stitches. Once you got the hang of the pattern it was pretty easy, so I would encourage you to go for it! I would love to do a blanket one day, but I fear it would take me years! I am doing some knitting which I will blog about soon. I find knitting much easier! Lesley x

  2. Beautiful!

    I love the owl print!

    1. Thank you! The owl print was DD's choice too. That girl has got good taste! Lesley x


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