Monday, 31 December 2012

A home-baked January?

One of the things I have enjoyed since starting this blog is rediscovering my love of baking. I have particularly enjoyed writing the posts on the costs of baking from scratch. This has all set me thinking, and I have decided to set myself a challenge for January. I tend to go through phases with my baking; at times I can bake every day and then I go for weeks without producing so much as a biscuit. To be honest, my cupboard usually has quite a lot of shop-bought stuff lurking on the shelves. So for January I intend to bake all the family's cakes, biscuits, puddings and bread.

This isn't quite such a challenge as it sounds; I own a venerable but reliable bread-maker. I also have a few days' worth of cakes and biscuits in the cupboard and freezer. However with DH working from home, and two growing children, not to mention my own over-consumption, we get through a fair few biscuits in a week! I am obviously going to have to bake in bulk. If anyone has any simple recipes for biscuits or cakes that freeze well I will be very grateful!

Today DD and I made a start on using up the store-cupboard cakes. Every year we make a cheap-skate yule log using a value brand chocolate swiss roll and chocolate butter icing. (I did of course make double quantities of icing and freeze the leftovers!) 


  1. Excellent idea - I often bake more when I am in full money-saving flow, but I have to watch it now that the EFG is on her special plan, I don't eat wheat and dairy, and the FH could do with losing about 3 stones, so I had better find other ways to be moneysaving and not bake for them. I love baking though, so I bake for other people, at the chapel, for example, and only leave minimal amounts of my baking at home!

    1. Yes, the down side is that I will have to be incredibly disciplined and not eat all I produce!


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