Monday, 17 December 2012

Lurking in the garage...

Last year we emptied most of the contents of our loft into the garage. We were about to do a loft conversion as DH works from home and needed an office. As we stacked boxes we promised ourselves that we would sort them out as soon as possible. Needless to say, that wasn't quite how it worked out! So this weekend was the weekend when we made a start. After all, what else do you do the weekend before Christmas?!

Tucked away amidst the boxes of books, camping gear and yet more books was a box intriguingly labelled "antique tea set". Worryingly, I had absolutely no recollection of what it was, or how we got hold of it! It was a strange sort of lucky dip to unwrap it all, and find a beautiful 12-setting tea set in perfect condition, complete with sugar bowl, milk jug and sandwich plates.

It isn't clear from this photo that the china is a pale peach colour rather than the traditional white. There is rather a lovely vintage pattern:

I set out on some detective work. The china was wrapped in the "Poole Advertiser" from 1995 so I immediately traced it to my grandparents. My Poole-based Grandad finally sold the family home at around that time. Initially I thought that it was their golden wedding present, as it was so pristine, but a quick search for the pottery mark on the internet revealed that it had to be their wedding present, making it around 73 years old!

I am now in a quandary about what to do with it. I love it. When I look at it I think of my Grandma, who was a bride at the start of World War Two. She was an incredible woman, who managed a greengrocers until she got married at the age of 31. My Grandad was 7 years younger. I imagine that raised a few eyebrows at the time! However, I doubt that I can keep it in as good condition as she did, and I don't have anywhere to display it. All advice gratefully received!


  1. What a beautiful discovery Lesley. I love it! I can't help you with your dilemma apart from to say use it for Afternoon tea if you can't display it.

    And wash it up with great care!

    Any sealed pot news to share?

    Sft x

    1. Yes, the children may be let off the washing up that day!

      As for sealed pot news, I have been saving up 20ps and 50ps since I first signed up. The jar feels satisfyingly heavy and rattles nicely! I may up the ante in some way in the New Year.

  2. To echo a comment made to me today about a dress, use it, love it, and remember them everyday xx

    1. We may be coming to a solution - we were going to put some shelves up in our living room anyway so some of it will be displayed. The rest will be lovingly wrapped and stored with an explanatory note! I will definitely use it at times though. After all, that is what it was designed for.

  3. Do hang on to your beautiful tea set. No doubt you once put it away until the children were older, and lost track of it in house moves etc.
    If the Queen comes to tea you will have something genteel on which to serve your amazing cakes.


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