Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spiky cross stitch

Since I finished stitching the wedding card back in July I have been working on a design from the same magazine for a family birthday. My Dad has quite a collection of cacti. In fact, I pity any burglar trying to climb in through his windows! I decided to give him a specimen that needs even less attention than usual. I liked this design because it is bright and cheerful.

Nearing completion!
I framed it myself. When I first tried this I asked the helpful lady in the craft shop for tips, who suggested using a spray adhesive. I was horrified! Put glue on my precious creation! I did a reasonable job with the traditional method, but this time I couldn't manage it in the shallow frame. So in the end I got out the glue. 

DS also collects cacti!
I like to have some stitching on the go, so I was very happy to get a couple of kits for my birthday and I have started on this poppy field. This one is for my wall! It is a starter kit, but as far as I can tell this is only because it is on 11-count aida, making the stitches bigger.

I can only stitch during daylight, so in the evenings I usually have a piece of knitting or crochet in my hands. I couldn't tell you which I prefer; normally whatever I am doing at the time!


  1. Beautiful!

    I'm not much of a cross stitcher, but my sister loves to cross stitch. I like embroidery and crewel work best.

  2. I've just Googled crewel work! It does look very beautiful. I must resist, I must resist...

  3. If you can't stitch in the evenings because of poor light you can buy a "Daylight" bulb, it's a blue coloured bulb which gives a good clear light. I've used one successfully in the past.

    1. Thanks for the tip. It's a good idea!


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