Thursday, 29 November 2012

Festive preparations

Christmas may actually happen in this house....

The puddings have been made and the poinsettia bought. A friend and I made the puddings together, amid much laughter and tea-drinking. The small ones will be for presents.

After reading the blogs of some wonderfully organised people, who appear to be all ready bar stuffing the turkey, I placed quite a few internet orders last week. Unfortunately they all arrived today, I was out, my husband works from home in the loft...let's just say he is a little fitter now.

DD has also been busy making cards and decorations. I'm just happy to see some sun for the sun-catchers! She has made a whole tribe of snowmen. Somehow snowmen and sun doesn't seem like a sensible combination!


  1. The snowmen are cute!

    My great grandmama used to make a boiled pudding that she served at Christmas. I have the recipe and want to try it, but....My children won't eat a Christmas pudding.

    1. Be warned, they take a lot of boiling! A traditional pudding this size should be boiled for six hours. My one is a slightly lighter recipe, and I got away with five hours. It will need a couple more hours on the actual day too. For us it is a family tradition, it is one of the only times I can get my daughter to eat cooked dried fruit.

  2. Poinsettia don't live in this house, so I am safer sticking to Christmas Cacti, which seem to flourish on neglect...yours looks gorgeous, though, so good luck with that. Absolutely love the snowmen, and the cross stitch is beautiful - well done on that one.

    As for being ready bar stuffing the turkey, I haven't got one yet - that may be resolved, but I may also end up with a lamb chop at the rate I am going.
    The presents may be nearly all bought that are getting bought, but I am having to get myself psychologically prepared for the onslaught of all the ones that I have to make at the last minute! I may have to start on the sloe gin to get me through that bit. And the wrapping. You can just tell I am looking forward to that, I'm sure.

    1. I will probably do the presents for the teachers and neighbours at the last minute. My son has his birthday on the 23rd, which tends to complicate matters as I like to do him a homemade birthday cake. I have a similar nightmare with wrapping. Maybe this year I will be a bit more organised and wrap them a little earlier, but I doubt it!


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