Thursday, 22 November 2012

Creating a Victorian boy

DS is studying the Victorians at school at the moment. So far he is loving it. In a few weeks he will be off on a school trip to Preston Manor for a Victorian day, where he will spend the day as a Victorian servant. I think this may come as something of a shock!

Of course, he has to look the part. Fortunately the school has cut back a bit on dressing up days. I have known parents pay out quite a lot of money for a costume on the internet. I wanted a waistcoat, but I wasn't about to spend much on something for just one day! I trawled the charity shops and came up with a small adult shirt:

It was actually quite a nice shirt and I felt a bit guilty chopping it up! I shortened it and cut off the sleeves and collar. Once I had hemmed all that I took it in a bit at the sides so now it looks like this:

It's a bit more "Little Lord Fauntleroy" than "Oliver Twist" - he will have to be a valet rather than a gardener!

After all that sewing I am now determined to overcome my phobia of sewing machines. My Mother-in-Law gave me hers last year but I haven't had the courage to use it yet! I think my fear stems from being absolutely useless at needlework at school. There are so many things I want to make, I just need to have some gumption and get on with it!


  1. Well done you for creativity. He looks very Victorian now!
    Why not use the leftover bits of shirt for sewing machine practice? Sew a few rectangles into bags or something, just to get familiar with your machine.

    Ask around [at the school gate?] to find a sewing friend who will give you an afternoon's help threading up and re-learning machine basics. [or email me if you've got questions]

    Your confidence will soon come back and yu will be running up costumes like a pro

    blessings xx

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Angela! I need to set aside a quiet afternoon before the end of term and have a go. After all, what is the worst that can happen?!

  3. How neat! We don't have many options around here for children to participate in things like that.

    You did a great job on the alteration.

    Angela is right -- sewing machine use has a small learning curve and then you can do pretty much anything with a little patience. Once you start you'll love it.


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