Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Autumn comforts

Autumn is normally my favourite season. I enjoy the light, the colours, the fruit, the cooler temperatures, the Christmas preparations. I am often to be found kicking piles of leaves and searching for conkers. However, these last few days have been particularly dank and murky in my part of the world. We have been shrouded in mist and permanently damp.

For some primordial reason, weather like this makes me want to bake bread. Well, I do cheat slightly! I own a reliable Panasonic SD-253 bread maker which has been faithfully kneading dough and baking loaves for at least 6 years. Today it produced fresh bread for breakfast and rolls this evening.

My other instinctive response to gloom is to light candles.

I am very fond of these tea-light holders. I bought the first one with some birthday money last year, and the second one is a supermarket bargain. Something about them cheers me up instantly.

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