Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cherry and Lemon Cookies

The other day DD came home from school with a list of cookie ingredients for her next Food Tech lesson.

100g self raising flour
50g butter/ margarine
25g caster sugar
Juice from lemon/orange
grated rind from lemon/orange
25g finely chopped cherries

I was intrigued by "25g finely chopped cherries" as I have never used fresh fruit in a biscuit recipe. I found a cheap punnet and a lemon and had a go. There was no method so I used the standard biscuit baking technique of creaming butter and sugar and adding flour and other ingedients. This made a crumbly dough so I used the lemon juice to bring it together. I assumed I needed to roll out balls to bake and popped them into the oven at 180C. Half way through baking I realised they weren't spreading out so quickly squished them flat. The results weren't beautiful but did taste rather good; very lemony and quite sophisticated. Little children would probably want more sugar. The quantities given only made eight, but I managed to take a photo before they all went!

The cup is my favourite tea cup which came from Whittard. Unfortunately you can't get this design any more but I love it.

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