Friday, 31 January 2014

The owl has hatched

In August I blogged about a new crochet project. Confidently I wrote about how quickly I would finish it, given that it was made with four strands of super-chunky wool and the pattern was really easy. I should know better by now...

Well this particular owl took five months to hatch! He has now finally settled down to roost in the corner of our bedroom:

He is a bit of a monster, and is holding at least two duvet covers, sheets and assorted pillow cases. This photo gives you an idea of the colour scheme in our bedroom. It is deliberately very calm, and the owl appears quite at home.

Curtain update: I have cut out the panels of lining material, and am currently tacking them together to make the right width. 


  1. Lesley what an absolutely stunning idea - I just love him and well done you Have a fabulous weekend, big hugs, Dorothy

  2. Well look at that, isn't it brilliant. Good Luck with the curtains remember is it just fabric, no one is going to get killed!... Jo xx


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