Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hot Cross Pudding

When I was a child, hot cross buns were a once-a-year treat, consumed eagerly on Good Friday; toasted and dripping with butter. I have always enjoyed them so I was pleased to find a yellow-stickered packet at the supermarket at the weekend.

I had been looking out for some as I had spotted a recipe for bread and butter pudding made with hot cross buns on Frugal Feeding. Like its name suggests, this blog is dedicated to producing excellent food cheaply. Bread and butter pudding is a great way of using up stale bread; it is a favourite of mine so I was keen to try a variation.

The recipe, (here), was clear and very easy to follow. The results were lovely; real comfort food. Everybody cleared their plates and demanded seconds - you can't get a higher accolade than that!


  1. Thanks for the tip, I have been to visit Frugal Feeding and signed up, and I will be making Hot Cross Bun Pudding, it is good made with pain au chocolate, and i have made it with Brioche spread with nutella.

  2. Thanks for sharing your yummy looking recipe source, Leslie!

  3. Lesley I am going to have a go at this as bread and butter pudding was an absolute favourite of mine when I was small and I haven't had any for years and years......I visited Frugal Feeding quickly this morning and love it, thank you for that. Have a fab day Lesley and keep warm and toasty. Lots of love


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