Monday, 4 November 2013

Feeling proud...

I have been quite overwhelmed by all the positive comments and support shown to me since my last post on Autistic Spectrum Disorder within my family. As you can imagine, it has been quite a tricky time for DS. He knows he is being assessed for ASD, but it is a long process and in the meantime he is unsure what it all means for him. Part of the syndrome can be "obsessions", and at the moment DS is massively into wildlife photography. During the summer he entered a couple of local competitions, but we heard nothing.

Last week was the half term holiday for us, and I took both children to Warnham nature reserve, (see post here). DD spotted it first; not a lesser spotted woodpecker or a buzzard, (although we did see both of those), but one of DS's photos on the coffee shop wall! He was one of the runners up in the junior category of their competition! We all jumped up and down with the excitement, to the bemusement of the nature lovers trying to drink their coffee in peace.

This is the photo in question - it is of a bush cricket and was actually taken by Ardingly reservoir:

We really enjoyed our walk around the reserve and DS took a few more photos:

A Peacock butterfly making the most of the autumn sunshine
Common darter dragonfly
I am a very proud mum, and the success has lifted DS. He is now planning more competition entries!


  1. Wow what a fabulous post Lesley, you sound so much better than last time, I was really worried about you. A big well done DS absolutely wonderful work and prize richly deserved. So glad for you and your lovely family Lesley.
    Big hugs

  2. Congratulations on the stunning photos!
    I haven't had a chance to show my daughter your last post yet, Lesley, but thanks for your willingness to email back and forth with her. I know she will appreciate it!
    Gracie xx


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