Saturday, 9 November 2013

Christmas preparation is underway!

This year it has worked out that we will be celebrating Christmas as the four of us, rather than the large groups of extended family which we are used to. DD and I have started planning - unsurprisingly there will be quite a simple homemade feel to our festivities. I was planning to make a lot of the presents myself; but time has run away with me. Maybe next year??

These are our achievements so far! The very flat parcels at the back are actually Christmas cards. We have made all our Christmas cards for the past three years and the design is getting progressively simpler. Our first design involved punching, stamping, glitter glue...never again! These were very easy to produce as DD had us organised into a production line and kept us in order.

The square pieces of card are going to be bunting. They are made from a pack of cards that have been hanging around for years. For some reason I keep forgetting to use them, so this year we are going to hang them up.

The cracker at the bottom is my first attempt at a homemade cracker! I got my idea from "Homemaker" magazine. (DH bought me a subscription for my birthday. No more guilt as I surreptitiously slip one into my shopping trolley.) However, the basic idea is very clearly explained in this blog here. Not a toilet roll in sight! My cracker is a lot simpler than Torie Jayne's; no pattern punches for me, thank you very much. I will probably stick some patterned paper around the middle of the finished articles. Now I just need to decide on the contents! I am thinking chocolate at the moment...

The red and gold theme of the different decorations is entirely coincidental. I am not that coordinated as a rule. Christmas is about the birth of a baby, family and love and NOT a beautifully decorated house!


  1. I'm making a couple of presents this year one is a garden tool apron for my Godmother out of some lovely bird fabric the other is sweets as gifts for friends in some pretty jars they can use again.

  2. They sound lovely! I will probably make fudge for the kids' teachers and our neighbours as usual. I had grand plans for hampers full of homemade goodies - life intervened!

  3. Hi Lesley what a lovely job you have done - I honestly thought they were all shop bought so well done. I agree with you about the homemade gifts, I was steaming ahead but have come to a full stop with the constraints of time, work and tiredness. You are doing really well Lesley, a lovely post, thank you.
    Big hugs

  4. Lesley, I hope you have had a peaceful Christmas with your family. Sending much love xx


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