Wednesday, 2 October 2013

When the kids are quiet...

After church on Sunday the children disappeared upstairs into DD's room. All was quiet and calm. I would like to claim that this is the usual post-service atmosphere, but I would be lying! Every so often a child would appear, surreptitiously rummage in the craft box and disappear again. In view of my upcoming birthday I managed to contain my curiosity; instead I enjoyed the unaccustomed peace. Eventually all was revealed: 

This plastic cup had an upgrade.
Birthday cards from DD (left) and DS (right)!
I wonder what they will do next Sunday?!


  1. How lovely! I hope you have [had] a happy birthday xx

    1. Thank you, Morgan! It was Monday, and I did have a lovely day. Lesley x

  2. Hi Lesley absolutely fabulous, your lovely children have obviously inherited your creative genes - hope you had a wonderful birthday with lots of lovely treats and special things. Have a great weekend Lesley, always love reading your blog, thanks so much
    Lots of love

  3. What charming cards......nothing boring there!


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