Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Rescuing a bromeliad...

The bromeliad was in need of a good home. Unloved and uncared for, embarrassed by its yellow sticker and ashamed of a chipped vase, it lurked in the reduced section. Would anyone choose it? Was it forever condemned to life in a supermarket?

Suddenly it found itself lifted up, and unceremoniously thrust in among the potatoes and loaves of bread. Uncertain of its future, and hardly daring to hope, it waited as it was pitched around between trolley and car. Finally it came to rest. The dirt was brushed from its leaves, life-giving water was sprinkled over its compost and it was gently placed on a sunny dressing table. Life had begun...


  1. Hi Lesley your plant is stunning, bursting with life after your tender loving care, just like us! You waved your magic touch Lesley, fabulous. I have missed you, glad you are back. Big hugs

  2. ooh you romantic you. You should be writing novels! x

  3. I've taken my tongue out of my cheek now!

  4. Bravo, Lesley! I failed in my first attempt to nurture a bromeliad, but love viewing your success :)
    Gracie xx


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