Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Most regular readers of my blog will know that DS is a keen wildlife photographer. As he is eleven years old, I can't really send him off to nature reserves by himself. There is only so far you can get on a scooter! This week I took him to Warnham nature reserve, which is council run nature and hence very cheap to get into. It's great for a few hours out in the afternoon. The people there are very friendly and very encouraging to my mini-naturalist. They have an extensive bird feeder section and I was pretty pleased to get a photo of this greater spotted woodpecker, which was on a niftily designed woodpecker feeder.


  1. That is an amazing picture! I think it's wonderful that your son has such a great hobby, and I loved the piece about the ex nest. He is very talented. WS xxx

    1. Thank you Sybs! He was really chuffed to show up on your blog roll. Lesley x

    2. Oh Lesley what a beautiful photograph and how talented DS is. It looks as if he may have a career in wild life photography - can I have his autograph now? Seeing DS's photograph makes me realise just how beautiful this lovely bird is. Lesley as always you produce such interesting posts which is why I always love to visit you. Have a fabulous Easter Lesley, sending you lots of loves and hugs

    3. Thanks Dorothy! Happy Easter to you too! Lesley x


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