Friday, 20 September 2013

Tomato ketchup

Me: "I've made some tomato ketchup!"
DH (caught on the hop and incapable of lying): "Oh....(long pause)... should be interesting..."


Before - free with my veg box!
 The recipe is here!


  1. I saw my friend Karen at church. She had left tomatoes drying out in the oven hoping to make tomato ketchup the next day. She had been drying them for a couple of days, afraid to waste her husband's tomatoes, and afraid to think of the gas bill!

    1. Hi Mum!

      I didn't have to dry these ones, just blitz them in the blender and boil. It was pretty easy. Lesley x

  2. Lesley thanks so much for this - my grandchildren adore ketchup and I am definitely going to try this recipe out for when they come to stay (hopefully very soon). Lesley I always find something interesting and useful when I read your posts which is why I love your blog. Thanks so much and have a fabulous weekend.

    Lots of love as always

    1. Hello Dorothy,

      It was a pretty easy recipe, and the results taste of tomatoes! Lesley x


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