Monday, 6 August 2012

Owl puffs

Since I managed to complete my tea cosy I have been knitting this little fellow for DD.

This quirky little bird is an owl puff created by Jenna Krupar and it is another Ravelry pattern. She looks simple enough, and according to the Ravelry community is very easy. I have to say, the Ravelry contributors are obviously way out of my league. The first difficulty is that she is either knitted on double pointed needles, or by the magic loop method. Having read up on both, I opted for double pointed needles.

It looks worse than it is. Once you realise you don't need an extra hand or two it is fairly straightforward, as generations of sock-knitting grannies can tell you. However, I am very much a novice and will need a bit more practice at this one.

The other difficulty was the simple line, "Kitchener stitch the top of your owl closed." What? Yet another Google search turned up this brilliant tutorial which shows how to graft pieces of knitting into a single seamless entity. Magic!

DS has now demanded his own little owl, so I am about to start casting on again. It's a good thing they are quick!

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